About me


I love to write.

I was raised in Downey, CA, and I’ve had a love of books, music and science from a very early age. I also grew up in a home where delicious food was the norm. These interests have followed me throughout my life.

After graduating from U.C. Irvine with a B.S. Degree in Biology, I worked as a lab technician and optometric technician before becoming an ABO-certified optician. During this time, I discovered that I had a talent for communicating effectively, whether it was by uncovering a customer’s needs or writing a test report.

In 2011, I relocated to Maine. After 15 years in the optical field, I searched for a way to combine the communication skills I utilized as an optician with my detail-oriented personality and love of great food. It was then that I discovered AWAI. Through my AWAI training, I have become a skilled copywriter, specializing in web and blog copywriting.  Since then, I've devoted myself fully to this field. My desire is to put all my skills and life experiences to use in meeting your copywriting needs.

I’m delighted to be a Maine resident, and some of my favorite things to do here are going to concerts, figure skating, volunteering at Lobsterfest, reading, and checking out the incredible food scene in Maine.