Pull Up A Chair To The Good Table!

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A Cape Elizabeth favorite among locals since 1986, The Good Table delivers exactly what the name implies: Good food and plenty of it, served with a warm, friendly smile. The atmosphere is lively and the prices are reasonable. Owned by the Kostopoulos family, the restaurant serves Greek comfort food along with American specials. Since we're in Maine, you can count on plenty of fresh seafood choices as well. Being half Greek, I just had to try the gyro platter. I've never had such melt-in-your-mouth tender, perfectly spiced gyro meat in my life, and I've eaten a whole lot of gyro sandwiches! The lamb and beef strips are served with soft pita bread, fluffy rice, and cool, creamy, garlicky tzaziki sauce. Try this with lamb, and I promise you'll never go back to mint jelly. Chopped fresh tomatoes, onions, salty Kalamata olives and green beans round out the rest of this hearty platter. I've also tried the psari plaki, which is Greek-style fresh Maine haddock baked in a sauce made from bell peppers, tomatoes, onion, herbs and olive oil. Prices range anywhere from $4.75 for breakfast up to around $20 for dinner. Whatever you choose to order, you can count on being made to feel welcome at The Good Table. 

For More Information:

Cape Elizabeth, ME: https://www.capeelizabeth.com/

The Good Table: http://www.thegoodtablerestaurant.net/

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