Seven Signs of a Great Food Content Writer

Messaging for the food and travel industries requires strong imagery and short, powerful content. Your markets, retail or supply side, demand marketing messages that are to-the-point and quickly understood.

Creating this kind of food and travel content is challenging.

It’s also more important than ever.

Strong short-form content captures your customers’ interest and conveys your message before they move on to the next shiny promotional object.

Here are seven things that a great short-form content writer offers you:

In this case, I’m talking about fundamental skills that, in the long run, are extremely important to having a successful working relationship and quality outcomes.

1. They speak the market’s language.

A knowledge of food and travel terminology is crucial, whether writing for retail consumers or the B2B marketplace. Look for writers who create tight, concise content, who are able to work within the word-count limit they’re given, and who can create dynamic food and travel content within these guidelines.

2. They are dependable.

A responsible individual who can be counted on to meet deadlines and act with integrity is a must. Copywriters who get the job done quickly and properly, with minimal demands on your time, are worth their weight in gold.

3. They are proactive.

If they aren’t, you’ll risk spending more time getting them up to speed than you would have spent writing the content yourself.

You can spot this during your first conversation: Are they well-prepared to discuss your business? Did they take time to learn more about it beforehand? Understanding the food and travel industry allows a copywriter to express that clearly and enthusiastically.

4. They excel at research.

A writer must be comfortable doing the research necessary to write about food and travel convincingly and with authority. This includes knowing the pertinent questions to ask you before the writing process begins.

5. They are easy to work with.

It’s critical that a copywriter can easily collaborate with other members of your team when necessary, communicate clearly and effectively, and remain flexible when unexpected situations arise. This enables the work process to run smoothly so campaign deadlines are met.

6. They participate constructively in draft review.

Constructive feedback is part of the creative process. Work with writers who promptly respond to feedback. Writers who are patient, detail-oriented, and willing to revise drafts. Writers who can determine why content is successful or not, and offer solutions. This results in a better end product.

7. They are diligent.

A copywriter who is conscientious about proofreading their content and checking the accuracy of source material makes your job easier. You won’t have to constantly monitor or double-check their work.

A writer with a deep appreciation for the value of short-form content will make it come alive for your customers. They’re well worth searching for.

What are your thoughts?

Gina CrisciComment