Five reasons why Santa should Bring You multiple Pairs of Glasses


You own more than one pair of shoes. You own more than one pair of earrings.Yet all too many patients leave their optometrist’s office with only one pair of eyeglasses. Here are five reasons why you should give multiple pairs a second thought.

1. Everyone needs a little back-up sometimes.
It’s always wise to have a back-up pair of glasses handy just in case your dog chews up your frames (for the third time). Or just in case you’re a chef and your glasses fall into the pot of curry you’re stirring. Or just in case you incur the wrath of someone who decides to grab your glasses off your face and break them in half. Too crazy to ever happen? No. As an optician, I’ve helped people in these very circumstances.

2. Safety First.
Protect your eyes from the damaging effects of UV rays, such as cataracts or macular degeneration, by investing in a pair of sunglasses for driving and outdoor use. Your eyes will thank you. If you participate in contact sports, safety goggles are a wise choice. Your occupation may also require you to wear safety glasses that meet ANSI (American National Standards Institute) standards.

3. Style.
The right pair of glasses makes or breaks your look. To make a great impression, consider one pair that flatters your features and haircut for everyday wear. For special occasions and a more formal look, choose a dressy frame, or try a subtle rimless style.

4. Function.
We all perform specialized tasks throughout the day, and that requires glasses that perform specialized functions. According to SportRx, golfers will want
brown-tinted lenses for increased contrast against the grass. For hobbies like needlepoint that demand detailed close-up work, readers will give you a much larger field of near-vision than a progressive lens will. Select additional pairs to meet your individual needs.

5. Just For Fun.
Wearing the same pair of glasses all day, every day becomes tiresome. Spice up your look with a fun pair of glasses that matches your favorite outfit.

Talk to your optometrist about additional pairs of glasses that are ideal for your specific needs. Or better yet, why wait? Just ask Santa right now!

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