Three Tips for Keeping Your Kid’s Glasses on Their Face (And Intact)!

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You’ve just found out that your child needs prescription eyewear to give them the best possible vision. But in order for their new glasses to do their job, one thing has to happen first.

Your child has to wear them. In one piece.

Sounds simple, right? Not always. As an optician, I’ve seen kids that can demolish a pair (read: many pairs) of glasses faster than a speeding bullet. The frames seem to dissolve into fragments at the touch of their tiny little hands as if by magic.

Here are three tips to help you win the War of the Glasses.

1. Let your child choose a frame that they adore.

If they love the way they look in their cool new frames, the more likely it is that they’ll want to wear them and take care of them.

2. Glasses should never hurt.

When the glasses are ready for pick-up, your optician will make sure that the frames fit comfortably and securely. If they don’t, your child will be far less likely to enjoy wearing them, especially if they need to wear them all day.

3. Proper care reduces wear and tear.

Make sure your child understands in simple terms when they need to wear their glasses and how to properly care for them.

Teach them the two-hand rule: always put your glasses on and take them off with two hands. This reduces wear and tear on the temples of the frames.

You might also consider adding a cute eyeglass strap onto the frames to help keep them from disappearing.

However, kids will be kids and accidents will happen. For that reason, and for your own peace of mind, I strongly recommend purchasing a warranty on the glasses if it’s available.

With these tips in mind, your little one will not only keep their glasses on, they’ll have fun doing it.

Gina CrisciComment