Fielder's Choice Ice Cream Knocks it out of the Ball Park


A hot summer day is a perfect time to go out in search of great ice cream, and Fielder's Choice Ice Cream delivers that in spades. With over 30 flavors of decadent homemade hard serve ice cream, six creamy soft serve flavors, plentiful toppings, and enormous signature sundaes to tempt you, it's impossible to strike out here. But just to make sure all the bases are covered, this family-owned business offers five sugar-free options and a dairy-free mixed berry sorbet. They also serve milkshakes, ice cream floats. and frappes to cool you off. If that isn't isn't enough, you can get your ice cream fix an extremely reasonable price. Since Maine blueberries are so scrumptious, I chose a baby scoop of blueberry hard serve, unadorned. Enjoyed it sitting at one of the picnic benches nearby. A home run! 

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