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You're enjoying a hearty breakfast on a lazy weekend morning. The maple syrup cascades down your pancakes and over your bacon. You take a bite of the sweet, savory combination. If you love it, (and who wouldn't?), then you've got to try the maple bacon donut at The Holy Donut.

What did we do to deserve the delectable treats you'll find here? Nothing. We're just incredibly lucky that one day in 2011, owner Leigh Kellis had a huge craving for a donut. But not just any donut. She wanted a decadent, satisfying donut made from scratch using wholesome local ingredients. So she began experimenting. Her secret weapon? Mashed potatoes from Aroostook County, Maine. The end results were so moist and addictive that seven years, three locations, and about 20 flavors later, Mainers and tourists can't get enough of these tasty treats. For those with dietary restrictions, there are vegan and gluten-free options to enjoy. 

To make sure you get your favorite flavor, come early, before the bustling shops sell out. I absolutely love their luscious bacon cheddar-filled donuts. Their dark chocolate sea salt donuts appease the raging chocoholic that lives inside of me. Their fruity triple berry donut is a refreshing summer treat. I can't leave out their sweet potato donut with the slightly spicy heat from the ginger glaze. I could go on and on (and on). But oh, that maple bacon donut! The thick, rich maple sugar glaze blanketing the fresh, warm donut. The crunchy, salty bacon bits nestled on top. Now that fall is coming, I have their apple donuts to look forward to. I'm really in trouble living near a place like this. How can something this wickedly good be this heavenly?

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