You'll Develop a Sweet Spot in Your Heart for Snowdrop Confections

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A visit to Rockland, Maine wouldn't be complete without a stop at Snowdrop Confections. Located on Rockland's charming Main Street, this is the place to satisfy your craving for fine chocolates, tempting candies that'll remind you of your childhood, and rich homemade fudge. If you're more interested in cooling off on a hot summer day, they've got you covered: the shop is also fully stocked with luscious, creamy selections from Maine favorites Gorgeous Gelato and Gifford's Ice Cream. But I was in Rockland volunteering for Lobsterfest, and the chocolates were calling my name. I couldn't resist. I left with a Dark Raspberry Cream (my favorite), a Dark Sea Salt Caramel, and a Dark Sea Salt Buttercream. The sweet/salty combination in the latter two is fantastic as well. So next time you're in Rockland, go on in. You'll be so glad you did. 

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