Enjoy the End of Summer in Boothbay Harbor

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In Maine, we don't take gorgeous, late-summer days for granted, because we know winter is coming all too soon-BRRRR! So while we can, we savor the beautiful weather, preferably by the water. Boothbay Harbor fits the bill perfectly. There's so much to do in this wonderful coastal town, and here are a few suggestions:

1. Take a ride on the Bennie Alice and enjoy an authentic Cabbage Island Clambake.

Time's running out to do this, but until September 9th, tours leave from Boothbay Harbor and head out to Cabbage Island for a traditional Maine experience. The tempting menu includes fish chowder, two succulent lobsters, steamers, potato, onion, egg, corn on the cob, and scrumptious blueberry cake. A juicy roasted half-chicken can be substituted in lieu of lobster for guests preferring poultry. A kids meal includes chowder, hot dogs, chips, and cake (but I think most New England children wouldn't object to lobstah!). 

2. Check out Boothbay Lobster Wharf.

Dying for some sweet Maine Lobster, but you're not crazy about the idea of riding in a boat to get to it? Then Boothbay Lobster Wharf is the place for you. Enjoy a fantastic lunch at a working Maine lobster pound. Seafood doesn't get any fresher than this! Don't forget the corn on the cob on the side, and if you're eating outdoors, keep your eye out for the seagull who stole my first Maine Lobster roll seven years ago. I know he's out there, somewhere. I completely understand and forgive him for ransacking my perfect lobster roll, especially since I foolishly turned my back on it for a split second. But when he flew away with my bag of chips, that was just going too far! 

3. Hit the shops before the majority of them close for the season.

Since I'm a bona fide bookworm, my favorite bookstore in Boothbay is Sherman's Maine Coast Book Shops. But whether your interest is art, pottery, or finding the perfect gift for that special someone, you'll find a shop that appeals to you. 

4. Stop by the Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens.

Located on nearly 300 acres of beautiful mid-coast shorefront, the Gardens are considered a premier Maine attraction. Spend a few hours exploring stunning gardens and scenic waterfront and wooded trails that go on for miles. Learn more about horticulture, or take a field trip to observe nature on nearby islands. Become a volunteer. The opportunities are endless, and a master plan ensures that this will continue to be a model for environmental sustainability. 

5. Visit the Maine State Aquarium.

Watch fascinating marine creatures, including sea anemones, regional sea life, and lobsters of all varieties stru their stuff. A popular attraction at the aquarium is a 20-foot interactive touch-tank featuring a host of invertebrates you can get up-close and personal with. 

Don't let these precious days pass you by. Get in your car. Hop on a boat. Ride your bike. Take a walk. Just get out there and enjoy a fabulous mid-coast day in Boothbay Harbor! 

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