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The only thing better than a bowl of hot soup on a chilly night is a bowl of Vietnamese pho (generally pronounced “fuh”) soup on a chlily night. When it comes to Vietnamese cuisine, I’m very lucky. A good friend of mine is Vietnamese, and when I visit California, we head straight to a Vietnamese restaurant. That’s when she takes over. All I know is that when she orders for us in Vietnamese, all this incredible food comes to our table, and that’s great with me! This time, we checked out My Pho in Orange ,CA. , where comfort food is served Vietnamese style.

In Vietnam, pho is usually a breakfast dish according to Food Republic, but we enjoyed ours for dinner. Pho refers to the noodles rather than to the soup, although a great deal of importance is placed on the flavor of the broth. For me, the best part of eating pho is the wonderful garnishes. Our beef pho came with Thai basil leaves, thin rice noodles, hot red chilis, fresh cilantro, earthy, crunchy bean sprouts, and sweet, tangy hoisin sauce. Sample the unadorned broth first. Then, if you choose, you can customize your steaming bowl of pho by adding these or leaving them out as your little heart desires. I happily say “yes” to garnishes! My friend also ordered us fresh young coconuts, that arrived at the table already opened, with straws and spoons, the better to get at the tender white coconut meat and the light, refreshing coconut water. This was a perfect foil for the spiced up pho.

Making broth from scratch can be time consuming, so if you want to make pho at home without the hassle, you can use canned beef broth and season it to approximate the taste of homemade broth.

Whether you’ve never tried Vietnamese food before or you’re a fan like me, you’ll be glad you came to My Pho.

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