3 Fun St. Patrick's Day Events


On St Patrick’s Day, we’re all just a little bit Irish. Since this coming Sunday is the big day, here are some fun ideas for celebrating St. Patrick’s Day in New England.

1. Head to Boston.

Boston is well-known for celebrating St. Patrick’s Day in a huge way, and as usual, the city has a variety of festivities planned for the weekend. If you love a parade, line up along Broadway for Boston’s annual St. Patrick’s Day parade. After that, listen to some great Celtic music from Dropkick Murphys and other bands at the House of Blues. Follow up with a pint of Guiness and some terrific corned beef and cabbage at one of the many local pubs offering specials. History buffs will also enjoy a guided walk of the Irish heritage Trail.

2. Check Out May Kelly’s Cottage.

Feasting on authentic Irish fare at May Kelly’s in North Conway, NH is an ideal way to spend St. Patrick’s Day. Try a traditional ploughman’s dinner, hearty Irish mixed grille, or (what else?) corned beef and cabbage. On Sundays, you’ll also be able to enjoy a lively session of Irish music.

3. Take the Paddy’s Day Plunge in Portland.

This has been a tradition at Ri’Ra’ for 17 years and going strong. At 5:30 a.m., brave souls plunge into the water at Portland, Maine’s East End Beach. The participants can then warm up with a complimentary hot Irish breakfast at Ri’Ra’, followed by a raffle and auction. The funds raised will aid the Portland Firefighters Children’s Burn Foundation.

However you decide to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, I hope these suggestions will inspire you to go out and get your green on!

Boston St. Patrick’s Day Events

May Kelly’s Cottage

Paddy’s Day Plunge

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