Content Marketing Tip#3: Share Your Backstory


Consumers today are more concerned with the source of their food and the culture and history of the places they visit. In fact, 68% of them feel that they aren’t provided with enough information about their food’s ingredients or source. It’s also important to tell travelers the stories that set your destination apart.

Food and travel companies who supply this type of content to consumers are ahead of the game, and here are three tips to help you do that.

1. Keep it Real.

Your story is yours and yours alone. And no one can tell it with more authenticity than you. Consumers that have been bombarded with far too much hype and misleading information can spot a phony marketing stunt a mile away. Therefore, your truthful, genuine backstory will have even more impact on them and earn their trust. Neil Patel also agrees, stating that it’s much easier for consumers to trust and feel a kinship with a company that’s open about its humble beginnings.

2. Assume the Role of Tour Guide.

Through your marketing content, you can act as an unofficial tour guide to your region. Share the history and culture of your destination with consumers. Tell them about the hidden gems you’ve discovered that only a local would know about. Let your readers in on fascinating, little-known facts about your town that draw their attention and make them want to know more.

3. Share Your Source.

For food companies and restaurants, the content that tells your backstory can take many forms. Create website content that describes how your company got its start. Write a blog post or article telling your customers about the local farm that grows the organic produce you serve in your restaurant.

In today’s fast-paced, information-saturated world, the simple power of a true story well told resonates with your customers far more than a slick ad campaign can. Use your content to tell them the story behind your company’s story, and you’ll attract their attention, gain their trust — and earn their business.

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