Get Ready for Maine Maple Sunday!


Maple syrup lovers, mark your calendars! The fourth Sunday in March is always Maine Maple Sunday, so the festivities start this Sunday. Fans of all things maple can sample maple-inspired treats, watch demonstrations to learn how Mainers make maple syrup, play games, tour the sugarbushes, listen to music, and much more.

To plan out your maple sugar crawl in advance, check out the list of events below. Even though the majority of the maple action is taking place this Sunday, some of the sugarhouses have events scheduled for this Saturday as well. You’ll see a description of all the participating sugarhouses, the times they’ll be open, and the types of activities you’ll find there.

My advice is to head out early and hit a pancake breakfast at one of the sugarhouses, have a ball sampling all of the treats (I’m looking forward to some maple-flavored soft-serve ice cream at Merrifield Farms), listen to some lively music, and snag a jar of rich, sweet, thick maple cream. Take it home. Spread it on top of french toast. Swirl it into a bowl of hot oatmeal and add a touch of cinnamon. Mix it with your favorite mustard, or simply add some sage for a savory note, then slather it over some chicken or pork chops and bake to tender, maple-y perfection. In other words, let your imagination run wild with the endless possibilities. Above all, have fun and enjoy.

For More Information:
The Maine Maple Producers Association:
Merrifield Farm:

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