3 Tips For Leveraging UGC

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According to NewsCred, the emotions triggered by an exciting travel or dining experience creates a steady stream of captivating User-Generated Content (UGC) for your business.

No marketing strategy is more powerfully convincing than words and photos from real people, and here are 3 ways to fully leverage valuable UGC.


Content Marketing Institute suggests that travel businesses should focus more on content that inspires readers to visit their destination, rather than focusing on what their business can offer to travelers. Sharing UGC with your readers is an ideal way to do that.


By inviting your customers to share information about your products on social networks, you’ll encourage a flow of UGC that boosts your brand’s visibility.


Have a contest for the best photos taken of your destination by travelers , or for the best reader recipes featuring your food products. This not only sparks creativity and engages your readers, it produces UGC.

NewsCred states that by utilizing UGC in these ways, the new ideas, helpful information, and unique food and travel experiences that your readers share will draw attention to your business — and motivate them to take action.

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