Content Marketing Tip #4: Think Seasonal

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According to statistics reported by Access Development, 80% of families take a vacation in the summer. In addition, 83% of families planning a trip also plan to splurge once they arrive at their destination, with 63% indulging in dining.

Will your food and travel content bring these seasonal travelers to your doorstep this summer?

Many of these travelers are first-time visitors to your region, and using your marketing content to tap into this opportunity is a smart business move. Here are three tips for telling vacationers about the exciting seasonal food and activities in your area:

1. Be Visible.

SinglePlatform reminds businesses that seasonal travelers search for information on Google, Yelp, TripAdvisor, and many other sites. It’s essential for your hotel or restaurant to have informative content visible on these platforms to attract tourists during their stay in your area. Entice tourists with vibrant content detailing the delicious seasonal offerings on your menu, and post a complete menu on social media sites. Make sure you’ve posted directions making it easy for first-timers to the region to find you as well.

2. Be a Fountain of Knowledge.

Make sure that your staff is up-to-date on information about the unique seasonal events, festivals, and activities going on in your area. Your website and social media content should reflect this knowledge and leverage it. Combine this useful content with breathtaking photos to draw travelers to your destination.

3. Make Them an Offer They Can’t Refuse.

Extend your marketing efforts to boost tourism in your locale. Partner with local business owners and festival hosts to offer special promotions and travel packages including shuttles and tickets to the event. Pair up with the great local restaurant down the street to offer your hotel guests coupons for a lovely meal at a discounted price. Banding together to help travelers enjoy your town is a win-win situation for you and your community.

Families are planning their summer getaways and are eager to make the most of their vacation. Creating seasonal marketing content and incentives motivates travelers to book a trip and explore everything that your area has to offer during the busy summer season.

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