Content Marketing Tip #5: Leverage the Power of Collaboration


Business 2 Community points out that many brands are successfully partnering with complimentary companies on specific projects. This results in compelling content that targets the audience of both companies. Here are some examples of how this strategy has been leveraged in the food, travel, and optical industries.

1. West End Eye Care and a local make-up artist.

Depending on your prescription, the lenses of your eyeglasses either make your eyes appear smaller or larger. West End Eye Care partnered with a local make-up artist to create a highly successful blog post tutorial to help eyeglass wearers take this effect into account when they apply their eye makeup.

2. The Travel Corporation and VizEat.

Food and travel go together like bread and butter, and the successful collaboration of The Travel Corporation (TTC) with popular food experience platform VizEat demonstrates that. TTC connects their guests to VizEat’s trained chefs and home cooks. They share an exciting culinary experience with other travelers and foodies around the world. and learn about each other’s culture as well.

3. Louis Vuitton and BMW.

HubSpot mentions the unexpected partnership of Louis Vuitton and BMW. That may sound unusual, but both companies understand high-quality craftsmanship and are involved with travel. For their unique “The Art of Travel” campaign, Luis Vuitton created an exclusive four-piece set of suitcases and bags that fit perfectly into the BMW i8’s rear parcel shelf. The marketing content for this campaign highlighted the best qualities of both products.

The moral of the story? Use your imagination. Think outside the box to find connections between your business and other companies in a complementary industry. Then leverage the power of collaboration to create exciting, imaginative content that reaches the target audience of both of your companies. It’s a win-win situation.

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