Shake up Your Routine at Chaba Thai Cuisine


When your taste buds demand something sweet, spicy, and exotic, head straight to Chaba Thai Cuisine in Scarborough, Maine. In 2004, when owners Lawan Seelawongsayree and Gregory Crozier opened their restaurant, it rapidly became a favorite for those seeking an out-of-the-ordinary dining experience. The menu has something to please everyone, and it includes recipes that have been passed down through Lawan’s family for generations.

I started my lunch with the succulent pork dumplings. To make these, wonton wrappers are filled with marinated ground pork, then pan-fried or steamed. They come with a delicious soy dipping sauce that’s made from scratch. Don’t pass it up!

The best was yet to come. For my main dish, I chose the Thai red curry, which was a perfect harmony of cool coconut milk, bamboo shoots, crispy red and green peppers, green beans, fresh basil, chicken (optional), and spicy red or green chili paste served with steamed white rice. The coolness of the coconut milk tempered the heat of the chili paste to just the right level of spiciness for me.

If sushi is more your style, Chaba Thai also offers a tempting variety of sushi and sushi rolls. Bento boxes are also available to enjoy.

The next time you get tired of eating the same old thing for lunch or dinner, or a catered event, Chaba Thai’s got what you need.

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